How to charge Sony PSP?

Since I’ve moved to a new household is a small problem: I can not charge the PSP from the NAS. The fact that the NAS is now living below the ceiling, and I can reach only USB-extension cable. Naturally, I’m not quite lamer, and I know that if the cable is too long, it doesn’t […]

Is it possible to convert video with HandBrake?

At the weekend I had two big things to do — to fix the washing machine and try to recommended a-guy- who-knows an alternative for Xvid4PSP — open-source project HandBrake.

Rise of Flight, or Farewell, piracy!

Today, talking to an old acquaintance PR-specialist, with which crossed the first time long ago, since than passed four years. He was involved in the promotion of a very well-known manufacturer of mobile phones, then took up printers and scanners, but with six months ago … suddenly took up the game. No games, namely the […]

Alex Exler: Soft with a quad-core processors is still running poorly

It is not easy to meet a man who does not know famous Russian writer Alex Exler. Someone familiar with the notes on the bride programmer and the cat BBQ, someone on the radio broadcasts, someone on the movie reviews, someone on numerous books and textbooks. Alex how multi-faceted, and so industrious, and everyone can […]