Netbook for the kid

Looking, what a powerful interest in the computers is demonstrating my youngest son, I understand that very soon — in two years maximum — he will ask something for personal use. I think the factor of heredity plays a minor role here: the eldest daughter is ten years old, but her interest is still limited […]

Updated Microsoft Security Essentials

It is hard to believe, but the first time since the official release the engine of my favourite antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials was updated! I love it for inconspicuous and effective work. And I’m really happy, that it’s free for all owners of licensed copies of Windows. BTW, I don’t see any changes in antivirus […]

Is it possible to convert video with HandBrake?

At the weekend I had two big things to do — to fix the washing machine and try to recommended a-guy- who-knows an alternative for Xvid4PSP — open-source project HandBrake.