Rise of Flight, or Farewell, piracy!

Today, talking to an old acquaintance PR-specialist, with which crossed the first time long ago, since than passed four years. He was involved in the promotion of a very well-known manufacturer of mobile phones, then took up printers and scanners, but with six months ago … suddenly took up the game. No games, namely the game, and quite peculiar — «hardcore» avia-sim Rise of Flight, released in Russia under the title «War in heaven — 1917″.

Official website praises the game with the following words: «War in heaven — 1917″ — a computerized war simulator of next generation, which sets new standards of accuracy of historical reconstruction, combined with the beauty and incredible realism. In the thrilling aerial battles of the War in heaven — 1917 «You’ll be able to fly such famous fighters of World War I, as the Fokker D. VII and Spad 13.C1. «. Speaking frankly, this means very beautiful model aircraft and the world around them, a very accurate physical model and … extremely high complexity of the game. Complexity — because recreate not only the exterior of the aircraft, but the control scheme. Developers (by the way, Russian guys) were inspired by «IL-2: Sturmovik, where I am ashamed to say, even just able to fly with .. tens of attempts.

Fortunately, we are now on the Internet, and therefore can not only read about the game, but watch movie with gameplay.

Seeing these amazing planes, equally beautiful flying and crashing to the ground, I immediately asked for a copy, in order to test the game on the competent use of multicore processors. But then misspoke: «But I probably can not wait until you give me the disk, so now download the same with torrents and I will try.» «Yeah,» – says an acquaintance — «I’ll be impressed if you can. We have since May, as the game was released, no pirated run not registered”. Now it was my turn to be impressed. Immediately rushed to the most fearsome pirate resource, found a few links to the game, but invariably found in the commentary: «Hey, guys, stop downloading, there is no crack available.»

Mega-protection system is simple and insidious: while playing Rise of Flight constantly connected to the Internet, requiring that the connection speed is not less than 256 kbps. What the game downloads — these things are a great mystery, but, apparently, not only muttering «I was not stolen, I was not stolen», otherwise the game would have grunted in the two seconds. However, the image of the game is much as 2.6 gigabytes, and, consequently, the bulk of files still present in the offline. But what of that towretched pirates?

With all respect to the game developer, the company neoqb, it is not yet a legislator of game fashions. So the idea could be a nice local concept. But just yesterday the introduction of exactly the same approach, said the giant Ubisoft. However, while this is a beta-testing the example of a single The Settlers 7, but still — the application is very important. If part of the game will be “counted” somewhere in the «clouds», piracy slowly wears off.

So I will wait for a copy of Rise of Flight and parallel to the joystick for her, because, as I said, without it the game is not in joy, like Quake on the keyboard, but without a mouse. And suddenly the truth is still one of the few domestic products, which is good not only at the screenshots and carefully directed trailers?

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