The caprices of 802.11n

I have long held up that MFP Xerox Phaser 3100 doesn’t notice a new router Asus via Wi-Fi. You see, the developers from Xerox (or, to be serious, from SAGEM — this model was created there) did not know of such a thing as AES-encryption.

Well, I think, the hell with you – I’ll switch on WEP. Anyway, my neighbors doesn’t know all Hebrew curses, so it’ll be rather difficult to guess the password.

Switched and was delighted with increased «responsiveness» of router: all devices started to connect to it just in one moment. And even webpages have decided to open faster. But here’s another problem — my new laptop doesn’t want to connect to router in 802.11n mode, and that’s it! Only 54 megabits, what means 802.11g.

Why did it happen? Because 802.11n standard isn’t counting WEP as protection at all If you want to connect in full speed mode, please switch to WPA or WPA2. But not with any TKIP, please, choose AES. But it begins to grizzle Xerox, which, as we know, doesn’t understand this perversion…

I’m printing infrequently, and therefore fast Wi-Fi for me is more important than the vagaries of the IFIs. But still I can’t understand – why they doesn’t let me be fast and unprotected?..

P.S. I’ve got some comments, that Hebrew curses will not help, if someone would like to crack WEB-protection. They say – Linux, aircrack-ng and 10 minutes, that’s all. Well… may be. But my home network is rather boring place, so everybody are welcome :)

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