Alex Exler: Soft with a quad-core processors is still running poorly

It is not easy to meet a man who does not know famous Russian writer Alex Exler. Someone familiar with the notes on the bride programmer and the cat BBQ, someone on the radio broadcasts, someone on the movie reviews, someone on numerous books and textbooks. Alex how multi-faceted, and so industrious, and everyone can find in his work something of his own.

Alex Exler (pic. from

Alex Exler (pic. from

I myself began to regularly read the works of Alex from 1999, and since then, it seems, do not miss anything, so even immersed in history, when Exler was the star FIDO. After moving to Moscow, Yevgeny Kozlovsky, cult Russian journalist, introduced me to Alex in real life than I do not get tired to be proud :).

This morning, Alex answered some of my special subjects — specifically for the Intel Software Network.

How many computers now in operation at Alex Exler and for what tasks they are used?

The main work computer (just updated it):

Intel Core i5-650 (3.20GHz) 4MB LGA1156
4Gb DDR3 PC10660 1333Mhz Samsung
64Gb Corsair CMFSSD-64D1
1000Gb Western Digital (WD10EADS)
ASUS 512Mb GTS 250 ENGTS250
DVD + R / + RW NEC AD-7240S-0B
ATX Miditower ASCOT 6SR1 460W Silent Pro
Monitor — Apple Cinema 23 »

Funny, that the system (Windows 7) is installed on the SSD-drive. It starts for a second, applications run instantly.

The second working computer easier — also on the ASUS, 4 Gbyte, a pair of two-terabyte drive WD Caviar Green in aluminum multimedia package. Originally intended as a media player, then I abandoned the idea to play this thing on computer. Now this computer is a stand for all OS, it also converts video and swing torrents.

Third computer — a home server Acer Aspire easyStore H340 with 4 terabytes onboard.

And laptop Sony Vaio TX-Series for trips.

Can you add a little more about video conversion?

Distilled DVD to AVI, to watch the road — this makes the program CloneDVDMobile. So copying a DVD with a little remastering — CloneDVD2. For mobile devices, like the iPhone, using the same CloneDVDMobile. But it was literally a couple of times.

AFAIK, quad-core processor for you financially, to put it mildly, can. Nevertheless, in the new computer is indeed very «fresh», but the dual core. Do not buy on principle?

I just know how it all works. I have a computer at work, as a rule, no such problems. And software from running, quad yet fountain. So why spend the extra money?

Tell me honestly, do you play games?

In the match did not play. Over the past few years, the only thing in that little play — is in Flatout Ultimate Carnage and Serious Sam 2.

What do you think the best way to protect the program or game from the pirates?

The best way to protect — is to convince people that they should buy the program. Because programmers also want to eat. And the worst way to protect — it is all retarded sample, because of which starts the system works bad. Pirates still break it easily, and the license, users suffer.

Not to «Starforce» hinting at?

I do not remember exactly what it’s called. I remember that I put one such tool, and then gored her pick out.

And the main question — as one of the most famous bloggers, you probably know some secret skill. Share?

The secret is very simple. It should be every day, always eat a green apple. I’m doing well eleven years — the result is obvious.

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