How to charge Sony PSP?

Since I’ve moved to a new household is a small problem: I can not charge the PSP from the NAS. The fact that the NAS is now living below the ceiling, and I can reach only USB-extension cable. Naturally, I’m not quite lamer, and I know that if the cable is too long, it doesn’t charge anything. So pulled up an active USB-hub by Rover Computers. With the power supplyfor sure. Alas, alas — PSP is not charging hard, and the external HDD couldn’t mount due to low power.

I blamed too long cable — 3 meters. Yesterday I bought a shorter, 1.8 meters, and a super-duper-fat. With him, unfortunately, did not charge too.

Apparently, we have to take a normal hub. Yesterday caught only a hefty per 1400 rubles ($45), so I just do not need. I’d like something cheaper. Maybe you’ll advise something?

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