Is it possible to convert video with HandBrake?

At the weekend I had two big things to do — to fix the washing machine and try to recommended a-guy- who-knows an alternative for Xvid4PSP — open-source project HandBrake.

convert video with HandBrake

convert video with HandBrake

Since last we’ll start. Universal converter HandBrake, who lives a secret address (, is absolutely free, and everybody can even download its source code. There are versions for Windows, and Mac OS, and even for a pair of Linux (Ubuntu with Fedora). The input can be any DVD without copy protection or video file, and output — movies in MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora. However, no «Theora» was in the program settings, but the Mpeg-4 with H.264 are really present.

Unfortunately, there is no 64-bit version of the program. Well, 32-bit got no problems. However, once it became clear that a developer knows only the products by Apple, but for the PSP you’ll have to create its own preset. However, when all the parameters of the console you remember already by heart, it’s not a problem.

Charged as a guinea pig movie Clerks 2, with some sinking heart clasp on Start and … yes! All four cores are working! The rate for Intel Core i7 965 is very good: processed on 250-300 frames per second. Eight minutes, and the film is ready for viewing on the PSP. And the size and picture quality is decent, but looking at a few minutes, I erased the file and began to dig further. The fact that the program is unusual implemented two pass mode: if desired, for the first time you can go through the file on turbo speed, and only the second time to take him seriously. Still, should end up much better than when encoding one pass. I put a check run, and … No, this strange behavior of the program I had never seen before.

As you probably know, the Core i7 has four cores, and each supports Hyper-Threading. So Task Manager and other similar programs draw eight columns. But in the so-called HandBrake turbo mode manages to load only seven of them. I understand that the Task manager to trust only in extreme cases, but the alternative diagnosticians were with him unanimous. Well, filigree encoding could be envy, but for some reason, the turbo-mode kernel loads of 20-25 percent since. In the second pass all the normal (80-85), and core work, so this is the «turbo» is even slower than forty seconds. So at the next iteration I switched off turbo — for speed.

The result of coding are eliminated. With an average bitrate 700 kbps the picture is brilliant, “dices” in fast scenes are not observed, and there is even a strange feeling, like a better copy of the original. I know that does not happen, but all the same. Thus, the first time in the history of this blog, I must admit that Xvid4PSP a worthy competitor. Probably, I will continue to use it. By the way, the Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual-Core HandBrake without special austere loads the processor on 100 percent.

As for the washing machine, I am not to disgrace the honor of blogger ISN, recently bought a helluva lot of smart model Gorenje. Some sort of electronic control and display, where she wrotes all sorts of sweet stupidity. I’ll be not too surprised if there is more than one processor inside. And after the next permutation of furniture she has periodically issue a message «Error 6″. Looked instructions, it says that this means the demise of the water heater. The repair man even didn’t entered into apartment – he sayd that drain hose is not connected correctly. It has to be at a height of 60 centimeters from the floor, but we provided only 20. Here the water disappears by gravity, failing to get into the drum, and the heater for this reason is not enabled. Underwear turns inside wet and cold, and so “washing” ends.

Of course, I went on the local market, bought an extension cord that runs emulated 60-centimeter height and life dramatically changed to normal. Machine ceased to continually add water and write about the error number six. I can only wonder — why the developers have not provided a message like «Check the drain,» since I see the uncontrolled disappearance of the water unit is quite capable of?

There is a lot of small bugs in this device, and the first time in my life I regretted that in the washing machine there is no WiFi-module, which she could send home to Slovenia bug reports and receive new firmware. But I think it will not work and a couple of years, as the Internet and settle here.

And then we’ll know what the real torment is.

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