Netbook for the kid

Looking, what a powerful interest in the computers is demonstrating my youngest son, I understand that very soon — in two years maximum — he will ask something for personal use. I think the factor of heredity plays a minor role here: the eldest daughter is ten years old, but her interest is still limited to a couple of hours in The Sims 3 on weekends, and if she’ll miss one weekend – no problem at all. And the son in two years gets enormous pleasure from even touching the mouse, and if there’s a chance to sit on father’s while he types another text — the day is definitely a success.

I do not like the common approach, when a new computer a child — is a former daddy’s one. Maybe also because I am parting with devices pretty hard, only in the case of total failure or total — in my understanding — obsolescence. In the latter case we can think of a beautiful legend of the child and to fool him ( «Do not you see, son, that the computer looks bad and terrible brakes. But it was with him, I sent the first letter to Bill Gates!»), But lying to your children you first of all lying to yourself. Not the most useful experience.

Why do we need to keep old hardware in the house if there netbooks on the platform Intel Atom, which are suitable for the role of the first computer the child almost perfectly. Netbook cope with any training and developing software, but would not run too beautiful games (non-standard resolution becomes even useful). It is relatively inexpensive, and if something will happen – it’s ok. Small size not only allows it to blend harmoniously into a children’s equipment, but also make it possible to securely hide computer, if the child is guilty or try to spend too much time in its company. Finally, the netbook can be filled with child television and film production, so during family trip a child will not blow his parent’s mind commenting on anything and everything.

Theoretically, this idea had come into not only my mind, but the proposal of «children» netbooks in Russia and in other well known countries is surprisingly small. Perhaps the closest to the ideal of child netbook are Intel classmate PC, but it’s almost impossible to buy them in stores. The only well-known children’s model, released by Asus and Disney differs from ordinary Eee PC only with brightly decorated lid (on the contrary, I would give the child himself «personalize» his computer using labels and drawings) and a modified Windows interface, which allegedly facilitates the process of the young user interaction with the system (I know kids do not experience any difficulty even with the «naked” XP). On the other hand remained intact with a diagonal screen is 8.9 inches and the matrix TN + Film, which can make a real harm to child’s eyes.. I can recommend this screen only if your children have too good eyesight, and you dream to decorate their faces with a thick lenses in giant spectacles. It seems, that on the last CeBIT were shown several children’s models, but as far as I can judge, it’s all the same serial model, which placed a powerful parent control, and Samsung also removed the gloss finish on the screen. Screen TN + Film, unfortunately, remained in place.

So how should an ideal children netbook? I think that most of the regular 10’’ models are suitable, but their screens must necessarily replased to IPS or * VA type. And do not tell me that TN has lately become much better: it is true, but only in expensive versions, while in netbooks we meet only cheap things. Plus, even the most perfect TN loads the eye much stronger than S-IPS, which has been manufactured three years ago. Believe me, I’m a man with spectacles, who get through a very different machines. Yes, the installation of a normal matrix will significantly (up to 50-70 dollars) increase the price of netbook, but there is no sense save mone on child. And I’m ready to write for free five theses, which can be successfully used in promotional materials for such models.

And the other difference from the usual netbook child lying in the field of software. Let’s not talk about the antivirus with parent control — is an obvious requirement. Personally, I think overarching a built-in utility that allows parents to come and see — what is happening on the screen of the child at the moment? And, if necessary, to help the offspring to check system settings or solve the puzzle for the efficient feeding of ten hedgehogs with two apples and three fungi. Of course, we, old advanced guys, are able to install TeamViewer (by the way, if you do not try this free program there — strongly recommend), but normal people do not know about such possibilities, and they should certainly be happy about pre-installed apps.

Of course, it’ll be nice to find on netbook full versions of various training and developing products, not only with simple «Hit a apple into a frog», but also quite serious, such as foreign language courses, virtual globes, arithmetic and natural history lessons. Probably it’ll not be anything terrible, if a box appears with the netbook advertising hardware complex, developed by Intel and LEGO. Plus an online store with kid’s applications — both paid and free.

And when they gather together compact dimensions, the best possible screen safe and useful software, I first run into the store. I think that a couple of years, and such proposals will be done. And yet you, my son, it’s time to sleep.

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