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Celebrate DigiFinex for meeting the world class cryptocurrency regulatory compliance requirements and receiving a US MSB regulatory license
Celebrate DigiFinex for meeting the world class cryptocurrency regulatory compliance requirements and receiving a US MSB regulatory license

DigiFinex was awarded the MSB compliance operating license issued by Finance of the United States, which marked the phased progress of DigiFinex Exchange's global compliance layout.

MSB (MoneyServiceBusiness, money service provider) license is a type of financial license supervised and issued by the US Department of the Treasury. The main subject of supervision is money service-related businesses and companies, including digital currency, virtual currency transactions, and international payments And so on business. Companies engaged in the above-mentioned related businesses in the United States must apply for an MSB license in order to operate legally. At present, the industry's well-known exchanges Coinbase, Huobi, Binance, etc. all hold the license.

DigiFinex's company DIGIFINEX HOLDING LIMITED on June to meet world-class cryptocurrency regulatory compliance requirements and obtain US MSB (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) license (Registration number: 31000193021985 ). It is expected to bring the majority of investment users a safe and compliant financial service experience.

DigiFinex has been focusing on cryptocurrency asset management services since its establishment, and is committed to making it easy for traditional investors to start and operate. Accumulated many strategic partners.

DIGIFINEX HOLDING LIMITED's platform DigiFinex provides services and guidance for cross-border payments and cross-border transactions through encryption technology, Efforts to eliminate the various risks, efficiency and fairness problems that exist in the current global financial system. Rooted in the context of the rapid development of the Internet, since its establishment, DigiFinex has focused on increasing investment in risk assessment, able to accurately identify data protection, operations, compliance, It also provides a series of intelligent and comprehensive digital currency trading services such as determining potential avoidance strategies and predicting the returns of digital currency. DigiFinex actively innovates in-depth analysis of user community behavior and traditional e-commerce transaction patterns, allows users to use various When using cryptocurrency wealth management products, in addition to allowing you to continue to make steady profits and be at ease in compliance with regulations, it also brings asset protection to users. Let you profit like a pro.

The acquisition of the dual license signifies that the global compliance process of DigiFinex Exchange has entered a new stage. In the future, DigiFinex Exchange will continue to be committed to the advancement of the global and planning process.

DigiFinex takes compliance, security, and innovation as its core concepts, and takes the protection of user assets as the first criterion, and aims to provide ordinary users, professional traders and investment institutions with extremely smooth digital currency financial derivatives transactions platform.

Heavy investment from internationally renowned institutions: DigiFinex's strength has been recognized

DigiFinex Exchange's comprehensive product services and strong user base have attracted the favor of world-renowned capital.

At the same time, the two parties will jointly launch the technical research and market exploration start-up project development of new derivatives of encrypted assets. DigiFinex Exchange will give full play to its own advantages, better integrate high-quality resources, further promote platform construction and technology development, and provide better services for global blockchain financial derivatives.

On the Regulatory Search website https://www.fincen.gov/msb-registrant-search search for 「DIGIFINEX HOLDING LIMITED」.

DigiFinex Cryptocurrency Exchange